One Monkey, two eyeballs

There seems to be no better way to give your self over to The Omni- verse (and vice-versa) than to sit perfectly still in your mind, with no thoughts or desires.  What keeps one from doing just that? In my own experience, I’m not in charge. I have a Kingdom that I alone must rule. At times it does not seem I am its King at all. It tells me what to think and do and feel. I tell myself that if I cannot sit and do nothing and think nothing, then who is the King of this Kingdom.  It is better to conquer ones own Kingdom than to win many battles ” out in the illusive world”. Once done, it may never be taken from you, is the freedom, liberation for all eternity. The Keymaster has been born again.

 Time – the great illusion. The idea of death. Time equals death, what else would it be?  All suffering stems from this sleight of hand called time. Why it’s only my own invention. A parenthesis on eternity, a dot on the chalkboard of infinity. There is nothing to do, nothing to accomplish, no souls to save, no empires to build. It’s all just a dream of death, but what a beautiful dream when dropped into with no desire but to laugh at the bizarre dream I made. 


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