The Doorway beneath your mind

Again, I only write for myself, to teach myself. Then again, if we are all one appearing as many…..

In the picture above, taken from the movie Riddick, The Necromonger is supposedly tearing away the Soul of Riddick. I propose the opposite for the purpose of this sharing. I see the Ego being torn away from Riddick. See how frightened it is. The Ego made fear and projects fear. That is what it is- fear. It’s as if we come into this world and make up this entity called little me, Ego, false self as we go along. Once reaching maturity it is complete, made of learning, concepts are believed and valued and therefore seen in the world. Completely fascinating.  

The characters we invent are magnificent however much an illusive fantasy. It’s all just a dance of Faries, has no real importance whatsoever. We come and dance around the fire for a moment then travel on. Extraordinary! 

 This a underground Hotel were Faries come to watch the Northern Lights. Lay on thier backs and watch the Plasma fields enter the Earths Poles. Magnificent! 

 Look this little Angel built an Igloo to watch the lights from. Amazing! 

 We’re are You watching from? In reality we are all watching from the same place, the same source before the eyes, you see. 

 Anything one can imagine he can do! Why? Because it’s all mind and only mind. It appears real because one believes it real. It’s all a mental construct. 

 There exist a doorway beneath your mind. Find that doorway, underneath it lies a Wormhole that may be traveled through to the Real World. It lies beneath the construct. Go there now!  

 Happy Trails!

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