Eighteen months out on the Roads of America from Key West to Portland and Austin to Wisconsin. These are the Travels of Big Al and Maji the Majestic.

I woke up Tuesday morning and decided to go to the Zoo. Once there and walking amongst the prisoners, I mean animals kept there under the guise of “rescue” and then “we must study them” and then profit. I noticed the Monkeys. They were looking energetic as they ran around in their little Prison Yard. There was a fight over some item, chasing ensued. It occurred to me that we are just like them, all of us tying to grab as much shit as we can, all of the Males are running around in the background trying to screw all the females.   

No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves

                          -some Indian

Look there is some piece of nothing I need for my collection, let me add that to my pile of shit I don’t use. It seems even more ridiculous for us because we spend our entire life laboring to buy this stuff we don’t need. Some new piece of clothing, something to hang from our ears: I’ll take four pair of those shoes please all in the same color.

We don’t have possessions, possessions have us

We work our entire life to either make the body look good or make it comfortable. The houses and cars for our bodies to sleep and ride in. The 401k so that the body will be able to rest in the END. The body’s serial adventures take us from apparent place to place. The images seem to change, this shadowy figure comes and then is gone. It’s all a blur of images. Even our thoughts are images we have made. Why have we “made” them? Because we see only with the body’s eyes. I know, I’m getting a little bit technical here but lets just take a closer look.  

 The mind stores these images and thoughts about the images. It peoples the world with characters and places them in their proper role (box). Then it gets upset as the characters don’t fulfill the roles we assigned them. Why right now the United States is talking about finally finishing “the wall” that we already paid who knows what for between Mexico and “US”. It seems that the Mexicans are not living up to how we expect them to behave. Let’s just put up a barrier. Where do we come from? Why did we come here? I think we should just put up a barrier around the entire country. I mean we can’t have those Canadians coming around here either. Lets seal ourselves off from the entire world. That will fix the problem.  

Enough cynical criticism. The world is completely and absolutely perfectamundo. How can we ever see ourselves perfect if we can’t see the outside that way. Perception is consistent, it shows one what he wants to see based on what he values which stem from his beliefs. 

Seek only Love for that is what you are. Remove All of the blocks to the awareness of truth and what is left?

When one is fearful he lives in illusion and is non-existant. When fearful-he is the fear.

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