Perception is consistent, it shows us what we want to see

Enter the world of intention. A popular topic for a Pop world. Used to manifest “things” in which the limited perceptual being believes will make him happy. One looks around and sees the world hold up its idols; look you can become what they have achieved. Super Heroes or even Super Villans with multiple large homes, girls, Aircraft etc. this is fine, to each his own. Each is on his own path. One might point out that what these “things” are meant to bring they cannot. The essence of what they are designed to bring comes from within and not without. Seek not outside yourself for you will weep each time an idol falls.

If perception is consistent why not desire the essence itself thereby bypassing the collection of things in form. A shortcut, a celestial speed up seems like a real time saving and painless path. Decide on the essence of what you desire and hold that in your mind. It’s free, painless and most importantly- available Now.

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