Truth from Falshity

Nothing real can be threatened, 

Nothing unreal exist.

When one is fearful he is non- existant. When one is fearful he is the fear.  

The opposite of Love would be what? Hatred, envy, jealousy, greed, defense and an entire book of other words we as Who-mans have derived to define what- an illusion. All of these words may be simply re-defined as fear. If one holds hatred is he not fearful, if he is envious or jealous is he not afraid of not getting. Greed itself is just another form of fear. Truth needs no defense. Love needs no defense. Any investment in thought which leads to a feeling or belief of anything other than Love is a block or veil across the face of Love. Simple but incredibly difficult to execute. Why? Conditioning and learning of worldly ways, believing that life is a struggle. All the ideas that support the erroneous conclusion that one is sustained by something other than Love. One believes that he is the body, his thoughts, feelings, his past memory associations and this life. The circumstances that make up our current surface situations are mind made. We think in pictures and this is why we give reality to them. In this perfect loving instant none of these things exist. There are no problems- none! Yoga means to Yoke or union with the ever present – I AM. I am that I am and so are you, anything more or less is false. This is the simplicity of Salvation or Peace.

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