Git on out there!

Wandering through the San Juan Mountian Range in total fascination with the changing Fall colors I saw Mark sitting on his suitcase playing a Mandolin.  

 Where, I asked, ya headed. Durango, he replied. Hop on in, I invited. Mark was 27 and had been traveling for five years. He had worked as a musician all over, wine Bottler in Oregon, cook for traveling  dancers (strippers) , and on and on. One of the interesting parts of our conversation revolved around riding trains. I had met some young men in Oregon that had told similar tales- see tracks, think train. He informed me of the clothing to wear, how to board, where in the train yard to board, how not to get caught and what to do in case of another ” bully” rider. I mentioned that I wanted to do it. He said many have said so but once done, it’s hard to stop, adrenalin high. Once in Tennessee he had boarded a train he thought was going West but went North and he wound up in Nebraska, almost froze to death. 

Listen: we are here on Earth to fart around. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. – Kurt Vonnegut, Timequake

Five years of riding Trains and Hiking, he knew people all across the states. At times, when in a hurry he would use Craigslist to catch a ride. Some of the most interesting characters he met this way. Once a Gay little Chinese boy picked him up in North Carolina then drove  to Chicago to pick up a gangster film maker on the way to the west.  

 We talked about all the places we had been, The Oregon Country Fair in which no Earthling should fail to see before he dies, and all the Mountian ranges we had hiked in. None near as pretty as the one we were driving through presently. 

 The mountains are calling and I must go.

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really in.

                                   – John Muir

If Mark can do it anyone can. Be prepared for excitement, hunger, Sleeping in the weeds, beaten, mugged and getting gang raped… No I’m just josh in’ ya. 

I’ve found all peeps to be genuinely friendly and hospitable. Why would they not be. They are Free Range Earthlings.

Rise free from care before dawn, and seek adventures. Let the moon find thee by other lakes, and the night overtake thee everywhere at home. There are no larger fields than these, no worthier games than may be played here.    – Henry Thorough, Walden 


The Pope Comes To America

  Alex Williams –

We have all recently seen the cast of The Pope coming to the U.S. What we have not seen is that His airline flight arrived here very late. Many thousands of good Catholic Americans were left complaining and sweating standing in the sun. Here’s what went down.

Hurried from the Aircraft to the awaiting Limosine the Pope ushered the long drive to commence by waiving a hand forward to the driver. The driver slowly pulled away from the curb and eased down the road. After a few minutes of patient and conservative journeying the Pope asked the driver to hurry up, after all many thousands of his peeps were awaiting. The driver simply stated that he was extremely reluctant to do so explaining that he had already received two speeding tickets and a final third would end his driving career and the ability to support his Catholic family. The Pope immediately informed the driver of his International drivers license that he possessed. ” let’s switch places” the Pope suggested, ” I can’t lose this license”. Off they went speeding toward the important address of the crowds. As fate would have it a Rookie Motorcycle Policeman was surveying the roadway and immediately pulled the Limo over. Rolling down the window the Pope saw the eyeballs of the Officer Pop with amazement for you see he was wearing his full battle array – hat and all. The officer returned to his bike and called his Seargent informing, “Sarge, I’ve pulled over a BigBoy”. The Sarge in frustration asked, I hope it’s not the Mayor, he was scheduled to be on that side of town today. The Officer shook his head saying, oh, he’s much bigger than that. The President, the Sarge replied, is going to the speech, surely you have not pulled over him. Oh no, the officer replied, he’s much bigger than him. The Sarge confounded asked, if it’s not the Mayor or the President then who is is.

The Officer admitted that he was hesitant to say, only one thing is sure,  the Pope is His Limo driver.

Solvation of the riddle of the Omniverse- Whole Mind

Alex P Williams – Durango, CO

Again,  this is Big Al Will-I-Am broadcasting live in Unity and High-Definition on the Spirit Broadcast Network, which is everywhere you want to be. 

With the declaration of; teach on the basis of what you want to learn, because what you teach is teaching you. Here we go…

Keep in mind we are working with simple words, very limited. Words are symbols of symbols twice removed from reality. We are using words to create metaphors in order to bring us to an experience of where we already are in reality.


Here is where we have ” learned” we are. 

 This is Not so. 

 Some examples of The Fibanacci . We can see similarities with the rings in our own Universe and everywhere within the same.

Here is what I am proposing in my metaphor. Simply stated, we have wondered off from creation in search of. In search of what? What would it be like to go off and experience individuality and person- ality. It was a mistake that happened so long ago that it is all but forgotten. Through DNA memory and re-construction we have simply forgotten ” True Reality”. We are simply playing out a fantasy of nothingness in our forgetfulness. We have hid ourselves from realty within this Fibanacci sequence. We are all One appearing as many. There is only one of use apparently fractionalized in this dimension appearing as seven- Billion. In illustration, it’s as if we dropped a large single piece of glass on the World and it broke into billions of pieces.   

What’s the solution to this Hell we made. We must each bring ourselves back to whole mind. We must realize Unity. It’s all happening now. This is a great place to be in the re- evolving backwards to Unity.    

 This place in the illusion of space time was created by projection of the one mind. Projection is not creation. Creation is extension of what you were created As. In order to unwind ourselves out of this hiding place in the Fibanacci spiral, we must all extend what we were created as. Another way to say it would be that in order to come into Unity or whole mind is to reverse the belief in seperateness or attack and defend modality. Who are we really attacking and defending but a part of ourselves. 

The total and complete insanity of descending on this apparent globe, drawing imaginary lines, subdividing continents into country’s, states, provinces, cities, towns, villages and finally personal estates; developing different Gods and beliefs and then attacking and defending those illusory beliefs; killing each other in the name of personality, seperateness, individuality – must stop. How will it though. It seems that it will take much clock time for this re-engineering of the DNA. 

It would seem absurd, even evil to me years ago to even mention this. But hey I have nothing to lose. At John Hopkins and other places around the Globe research is being closely examined on Entheogens and Psychodelics with astounding results. DMT, Ayawauska, Ibogain, Mushrooms, LSD. This is pretty far out but maybe we should just release it into the water supply. We see movies made based on the destruction of the population using the water supply, why not reverse that idea to save it. We have all witnessed the results of the 1960’s. In fact I believe we are continuing to see those results manifest today. Was it enough? No, I don’t think so.  

it even looks like a Mushroom
In reality I don’t see how we can screw up a false reality. Even if we totally destroy ourselves- so what. The issue I see is the pain and suffering that continues up to the point of destruction. Then again pain and suffering are truly mind made entities. Pain and pleasure as we label these emotions are two sides of the same coin. This is how the entire ” show” continues. Everyone is running away from “pain” and toward “pleasure”. I gotta get mine even if I have to take it from you. Yep let’s make enough LSD and release it into the water system- save the world. Probably lose a few hundred thousand in car and plane wrecks. Twenty- five thousand people die every hour as it is. But the idea of death IS the issue. I must get MY happiness before I’m terminated. What a mess. 

 However, like I said, all anyone of can do is extend what he was truly created as. Call it whole mind, Love, Peace, Buddha Nature, Krisna Consciousness, the Toa or whatever, but call upon it Now!

See: Entheogens at

Journey Without Distance

  Take a walk out around a relaxing park somewhere close to home, breath, jog a little if possible. Clear your mind. Arrive back home and find the most comfortable place you can lie down. Get as comfortable and peaceful as possible. Take a few deep breaths in thru the nose and out thru the mouth. 

Now normally I would teach to never allow the mind to go into the past, however for this exercise we will go on a journey without distance to the place you never left. I want you to quiet your mind for a moment then; go back to when you were 35 years old. What was going on in your life? Were you working, married, children? Picture yourself there, feel, smell, taste your surroundings. 

Now go back to 25 years old. What was happening in your life? Feel it, see it. Goals, aspirations, health, financial.  

Go on back to 15 years old. Friends, family, school, cars, dogs, houses, clothes, events. Go on back to 5 and do the same. Brothers, sisters, playmates, forts, swings, feelings, kindergarden. 

Now we are going way back to the toddler era where you experienced everything directly without the darkened glass of thought and names of objects. Go back to the room where you were brought when you came home for the very first time. Imagine walking in to that room now. There you are lying in your Crib. Walk up to your Crib, reach down and pick you up. Gaze deeply into your eyes, what would you tell yourself. What advice do you now give yourself at the beginning?

  After placing yourself gently back down and thinking of how well this loving advice will serve you, a great and shining light appears. You look at the light which suddenly envelops the entire Universe. Slowly from a great distance a figure walks forward toward you. You can’t quite make out the figure but somehow you know they have a message for you. You know this entity intimately. Who is it and what message is now delivered to you?

This is but one page in a great and shining series of Novels. If not Now then When.  Journey back to zero- everything. To before time was.

The split path

  The split path represents the split mind. If one were to sit and watch he will see the a mind that is engaged in either thinking of the past or envisioning the future. Both are illusory and we might even go so far as to say that the mind is blank. The most that can be said about the past is that it’s gone. Let the past be lifted of all ancient fears and release the present reality to all that is. Now is the closest approximation to eternity that this world offers. If one cannot see anything as it is now then it can be said that he sees nothing. 

 Notice that the middle of the path is not worn at all. No footsteps or car tires travel there. The path to Nirvana is narrow and many never find it. The path to the past and future are heavily traveled and most  use these as there method of transporting the mind. Never satisfied with what is, they travel to nowhere with a blank mind. And so the thoughts they think they think are meaningless, located in two apparent illusory dimensions.  


Listen to your thoughts. They are images one has made. Be aware of the thought as the watcher of the thought. Observe the mind. Be the observer. Take a step back- observe the observer observing.  

One Monkey, two eyeballs

There seems to be no better way to give your self over to The Omni- verse (and vice-versa) than to sit perfectly still in your mind, with no thoughts or desires.  What keeps one from doing just that? In my own experience, I’m not in charge. I have a Kingdom that I alone must rule. At times it does not seem I am its King at all. It tells me what to think and do and feel. I tell myself that if I cannot sit and do nothing and think nothing, then who is the King of this Kingdom.  It is better to conquer ones own Kingdom than to win many battles ” out in the illusive world”. Once done, it may never be taken from you, is the freedom, liberation for all eternity. The Keymaster has been born again.

 Time – the great illusion. The idea of death. Time equals death, what else would it be?  All suffering stems from this sleight of hand called time. Why it’s only my own invention. A parenthesis on eternity, a dot on the chalkboard of infinity. There is nothing to do, nothing to accomplish, no souls to save, no empires to build. It’s all just a dream of death, but what a beautiful dream when dropped into with no desire but to laugh at the bizarre dream I made. 


The Doorway beneath your mind

Again, I only write for myself, to teach myself. Then again, if we are all one appearing as many…..

In the picture above, taken from the movie Riddick, The Necromonger is supposedly tearing away the Soul of Riddick. I propose the opposite for the purpose of this sharing. I see the Ego being torn away from Riddick. See how frightened it is. The Ego made fear and projects fear. That is what it is- fear. It’s as if we come into this world and make up this entity called little me, Ego, false self as we go along. Once reaching maturity it is complete, made of learning, concepts are believed and valued and therefore seen in the world. Completely fascinating.  

The characters we invent are magnificent however much an illusive fantasy. It’s all just a dance of Faries, has no real importance whatsoever. We come and dance around the fire for a moment then travel on. Extraordinary! 

 This a underground Hotel were Faries come to watch the Northern Lights. Lay on thier backs and watch the Plasma fields enter the Earths Poles. Magnificent! 

 Look this little Angel built an Igloo to watch the lights from. Amazing! 

 We’re are You watching from? In reality we are all watching from the same place, the same source before the eyes, you see. 

 Anything one can imagine he can do! Why? Because it’s all mind and only mind. It appears real because one believes it real. It’s all a mental construct. 

 There exist a doorway beneath your mind. Find that doorway, underneath it lies a Wormhole that may be traveled through to the Real World. It lies beneath the construct. Go there now!  

 Happy Trails!


Eighteen months out on the Roads of America from Key West to Portland and Austin to Wisconsin. These are the Travels of Big Al and Maji the Majestic.

I woke up Tuesday morning and decided to go to the Zoo. Once there and walking amongst the prisoners, I mean animals kept there under the guise of “rescue” and then “we must study them” and then profit. I noticed the Monkeys. They were looking energetic as they ran around in their little Prison Yard. There was a fight over some item, chasing ensued. It occurred to me that we are just like them, all of us tying to grab as much shit as we can, all of the Males are running around in the background trying to screw all the females.   

No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves

                          -some Indian

Look there is some piece of nothing I need for my collection, let me add that to my pile of shit I don’t use. It seems even more ridiculous for us because we spend our entire life laboring to buy this stuff we don’t need. Some new piece of clothing, something to hang from our ears: I’ll take four pair of those shoes please all in the same color.

We don’t have possessions, possessions have us

We work our entire life to either make the body look good or make it comfortable. The houses and cars for our bodies to sleep and ride in. The 401k so that the body will be able to rest in the END. The body’s serial adventures take us from apparent place to place. The images seem to change, this shadowy figure comes and then is gone. It’s all a blur of images. Even our thoughts are images we have made. Why have we “made” them? Because we see only with the body’s eyes. I know, I’m getting a little bit technical here but lets just take a closer look.  

 The mind stores these images and thoughts about the images. It peoples the world with characters and places them in their proper role (box). Then it gets upset as the characters don’t fulfill the roles we assigned them. Why right now the United States is talking about finally finishing “the wall” that we already paid who knows what for between Mexico and “US”. It seems that the Mexicans are not living up to how we expect them to behave. Let’s just put up a barrier. Where do we come from? Why did we come here? I think we should just put up a barrier around the entire country. I mean we can’t have those Canadians coming around here either. Lets seal ourselves off from the entire world. That will fix the problem.  

Enough cynical criticism. The world is completely and absolutely perfectamundo. How can we ever see ourselves perfect if we can’t see the outside that way. Perception is consistent, it shows one what he wants to see based on what he values which stem from his beliefs. 

Seek only Love for that is what you are. Remove All of the blocks to the awareness of truth and what is left?

When one is fearful he lives in illusion and is non-existant. When fearful-he is the fear.

Free the Mind

My name is Alex and I am a Thoretical Theorist but I also read and write. I’m also balls out crazy so I would hesitate on continuing.

Q: I know but I have all these problems.

A: I see, 

Let’s keep it light but check this out from A Course in Miracles ( lesson 80). Hopefully it will not completely blow you mind.

Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

If you are willing to recognize your problems, you will recognize that you have no problems. Your one central problem has been answered, and you have no other. Therefore, you must be at peace. Salvation thus depends on recognizing this one problem, and understanding that it has been solved. One problem, one solution. Salvation is accomplished. Freedom from conflict has been given you. Accept that fact, and you are ready to take your rightful place in God’s plan for salvation.  

Your only problem has been solved! Repeat this over and over to yourself today, with gratitude and conviction. You have recognized your only problem, opening the way for the Holy Spirit to give you God’s answer. You have laid deception aside, and seen the light of truth. You have accepted salvation for yourself by bringing the problem to the answer. And you can recognize the answer, because the problem has been identified.  

A: I have attempted to communicate this idea to many. I’ve heard everything from “scoffs” to ” huh”. It never ceases to amaze me how many people want to be right rather than happy. I’m including myself in that statement. I’m sharing this so I can learn it. 

There seems to exist in some a deeply habitual thought process of: I solved that problem, where is the next one, let me work on that one. I know I was involved with a business in which this was my thought process. I knocked out one issue only for two more to pop up. It was deeply engrained in my daily ritual. I continually thought “keep going, your making progress”. I’m a little slow I guess because it took quite a few years for me to catch on. Oh I devised many techniques for “problem management”. Delegation, systems, my entire life was built on solving endless problems. Indeed, I became a true Master at problem solving. Inevitably one must ask himself, is this all there is, there must be more, I’ll go and look for it. Not so surprisingly many go out into the world in search of something right under our noses.  

What is the solution? To recognize they we are connected to the infinite field of intelligence (that some teachings call God). If this is so and I assure you that it is, then we cannot perceive a problem without simultaneously being supplied the answer. One may have asked for many answers and not heard them; I assure you they are waiting for you. The mind is easily and habitually stimulated and noisey. Therefore it must be trained for an untrained mind can accomplish nothing. 

Let your arms enfold us

Through the dark of night

Will your angels hold us

Till we see the light

Hush, lay down your troubled mind

The day has vanished and left us behind

And the wind – whispering soft lullabies

Will soothe – so close your weary eyes

Let your arms enfold us

Through the dark of night

Will your angels hold us

Till we see the light

Sleep, angels will watch over you

And soon beautiful dreams will come true

Can you feel spirits embracing your soul

So dream while secrets of darkness unfold

Let your arms enfold us

Through the dark of night

Will your angels hold us

Till we see the light

Let your arms enfold us

Through the dark of night

Will your angels hold us

Till we see the light