Cosmos, time, Unified Field

With the declaration of; teach on the basis of what I want to learn, because what I teach is teaching me. Here we go….

Just for fun:

Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.      –Paulo Coelho The Alchemist


Anyone want to take a look at that? I started to then caught myself. I see all of this as “much to to about nothing”, as Shakespeare put it. Yes, it’s all very facinating. The mind loves investigating and solving problems. Crossword puzzles, even Jeopardy on TV. Look how much I know, look what I can do with my mind.  In my view of the Unified Feild, very simply stated, it gives back what it receives.

We only get to keep what we give away in this life. 

The desire for knowledge merely reflects in return the same.  It’s a simple mirror. And this is not a new idea. Let’s look closer or better yet from further out from Far above this addiction to thought and form, even above this precious prized consciousness of the Earthling; allow me to paint a picture from above the battlefield.

Cosmos/Consciousness/Time are all creations and domains of the ego. The Who-man mind continually divides, seperates, sub-divides and on and on. We see this thruout the Universe. Many spiritual teachings point toward knowing these domains. The ego enthusiastically approves this study of itself. Yes study the little me but whatever you do, don’t look above to-before the little me. In essence it acts as a magician; look over here while I conceal the truth from you. Distraction is its sleight of hand. This is the veil, pulled over the “little me’s” eyes. 

It may seem very esoteric, this is the purpose of this Cosmos; to hide.

Oh let me not make light, piercing this veil is no small feat, just as Peace is no small gift. Why? I have so over learned this world and its ways. A Grand Canyon of a groove has been worn into the recesses of my mind. 

In order to come to whole mind this subdivision must cease.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”.   – Ghandi

As I look out upon this world of time and form I see all that I believe I remember. This is not so. Before time was, I am, (One). Here is one issue with form and time; I have no nuteral thoughts, it’s impossible. By not having nuteral thoughts, I am in need of self- judgement. Good/bad, hot/cold, ugly/beautiful- it’s exhausting. I don’t think we are capable of getting tired if not for all our judgements. Also it is painful and damaging. All thought produces form at some level, there is no such thing as idle thoughts.

I reduce my brothers to judgement; you’re either this or that but not the everything that you truly are.

By focusing only on the essence of life and not on the form this judgement issue may be reduced if not irradiated. Jesus used the word forgiveness. I think of fore-giveness as coming before; even before the issue appears one makes up his mind to release it. And so it has no effect.

I wear a crown, my crown is not decked with diamonds or Indian stones, my crown is called content, it is a crown seldom kings enjoy.


What might this look like? What is this essence of life? It is what arises in the mind without judgement by the mind. In other words no attempt is made to define it as a problem. Resist not evil. Why? If ones deems it evil then he has judged. Watch the mind. Look, here comes some envy, oh now some sadness. Remaining behind or underneath the thought forms and emotions prevents being dragged along with our thoughts. Watch what arises come and go without getting attached. 

This is a very deep practice. Yes, the problems of the world will tug and pull at you. They must be dealt with. But they are not you. Peace comes to the non- attached mind. The problems of the world are unending, solve one two more pop up. 

               Become passersby

– shortest teaching of Jesus- Book of Thomas (Nag- Hammadi Library)

As they are not seperate from me I applaud those investigating into the Unified Feild. I simply at this time consciously make a choice to be at Peace. I skip right past all of the machinery of the world, (all concepts) to accept and become what that machinery cannot produce- peace. Why? Because choice equals conflict. I lay all comparisons down beside my One Truth – Love, Peace, and the joy that arises. Is this not what is needed in a world at war with itself.

This may seem boring to some. Indeed the mind is always searching for something to chew on. This is quite fine. The above process is for those who have run all the roadways of the world and see that they lead nowhere.

Some  paraphrased quotes in this article are from ACIM. 


I Am That – Nisargadatta Maharaj

Johnathon Livingston Seagull

Stillness Speaks- Eckhart Tolle

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