Gettin’ Right in the Groove

Or dropping right in the slot.

  Life begins at 40, no 50, 50 is the new 40, 60 is the new teenage years. Let’s just spout them out as they come. Blank is the new blank. 

Some might say life starts at birth. Abortion Billboards tout, life starts at 5 months. Some Spiritual Teachers, when asked about death report ” you believe in death because you believe you live”. When asked about life on other planets, one speaker answered, “there is no life here”. 

My experience is that ” Life” is the underlying, All and the Always. It is here and it is Now. I do not see any other dimension in space and time where it could be.

I openly admit that I know nothing. My sense and experience is that Life,  possibly defined as the all pervasive Joy and Radiance of Being is always right in front of us. 

We can look at teachings referring to  consciousness, Cosmos and time as the domain of the ego. I can see how this is true but if the experience of Love is here and now, then how much do I need to know. Focus the mind on an experience of truth in which we here on Earth attempt to describe as Love, Peace and joy. 

I remember getting a message. The message was” Be Happy”. I thought “what”. I thought life was a struggle. Happy? How do I do that? 

Answer: Do what you Love and mix it up!

In summary: if not now – when!

It’s a party and nobody cares

What we’re doin’ there

Baby, it’s a party as long as you’re there

It’s a party, party, party!

I can’t believe it when some people say

That it’s a sin that way we live to die

You know, there’s never been a more natural thing

Yea there’s a brand new story, but it’s the same old lie

So come on

Get ready for the time of your life

‘Cause I’m gettin’ right in the groove

And if you’ve got somethin’ for me

I’ve got somethin’ for you

 – Boston ” Party”

Suggested looks: 

PBS ” American Denial”

The Intouchables- movie

Happy People – Netflix


Neil Young “Love in Mind”

Van Halen – “Right Now”

Lisa Kelly ” May it Be”

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