Smile and Wave- you may rise to find the Sun

Hi my name is Arch Angel Alex. Some  call me AAA, I’m here to tow you home.

(Oh, he may get some comments on that)

Honestly,  I would not read this if I were you- its total bollocks, but what    do I know.

    It’s just a dream my friends. How serious it has become for some of us. The individual association with Cancer, the dumpster diver, the addict, the crippled, the starving, the abandoned.       

    Even the great Archer In the Chariot goes with God along side. Not only to do war only on the field but in the battlefield of his mind.

                               – Alex P Will-I-Am

     If you have found total happiness in the world, don’t bother reading this. Why would you. If not, continue on dear reader. My motto is: share on the basis of what you want to learn because what you teach is teaching you. With that declaration, off we go…..

      I can remember one point in my journey where I would have said ” seek not to change the world but seek to change your mind about the world and the world changes with it”. That’s a paraphrased quote from A Course in Miracles. What I understand that quote to mean today is that until one frees himself, he cannot give that Freedom away. Giving is proof of having. If one focuses on the destruction and suffering of the planet and species outside of himself he will not find the Peace within Himself. I feel a deep empathy and sympathy for my brother. Suffering seems to surround me as I travel across the country.  If I can only see a reflection of myself in others,  why is this so, as I am not suffering.  Indeed I have asked and given myself for the purpose of the Universe. Is the witnessing of suffering on a grand scale that answer. Keep in mind any suffering is all suffering. We can’t say “well I’m happy 51 percent of the time”. I am very reasonably talking about 100 percent. Why? Because it’s a state of mind. So then,  having a deep desire to help in the illumination and illimination of suffering in myself and others, let’s See.

   Enlightenment is the end of suffering


     The end of suffering for the individual enlightened consciousness  must ultimately be up to that mind. Keeping in mind we are speaking of Psychological suffering, which makes up a majority. Let’s take a look.

     The only no-thing that exist in the true reality is perfect oneness. Where all comparisons have been laid down beside the truth. Choice equals conflict. There is no need of choice in oneness or Nirvana. What would there be to decide between? However we are not in Heaven, are we. Using Christian terminology; to accept the at-onement for ourselves is our goal- the will of God. Simply said we are to become Love. An attribute of that is Joy or happiness. By accepting the atonement or ” I and the Father are oneness” one becomes that Love. 

    The individual Who-man conscousess cannot tell truth from falsity, Heaven from Hell, pleasure from pain, his advances from his retreats-without aid. However with a simple declaration of: I need help! That aid is brought to his side. Now the Journey without distance to the place he never left has begun.  

On the road

    There is a branching of the road. It has appeared in front of of the associated consciosness ( you). If help is asked for. a decision now HAS been made. We traveled down the Highwat to Hell and misery. We will not come here again. The journey of no steps has now begun. Where? In your mind. It is your thoughts that must be observed and corrected for they alone imprison you. 

Q: How is this so?

A: Everything is only your thought about it. Just stop and look at it. Stop! A tree is not anything until you name it  a tree. For you to see this is a requirement. This is Adam naming the animals. Adam named the animals thereby seperatiing them from him. I am here, the Cow is there and we are seperate. Let’s reverse that and come to know we are all one. Now let’s simplify this idea. Nothing you see means anything. Why? Because you have given everything you see all the meaning it has for you. So by changing the meaning of everything you see to blank, we swap our minds for the mind of God. Which is using Christian terminology for expresseng the idea: change your thoughts, change your life. Why? Because by the very willingness to see things differently the  Universe will rush in and write a new beautiful meaning on the blank sheet you have provided. 

The blank sheet of paper had nothing to say. It thought- I think I’ll become a tree and act like a Cactus in the Desert talking to a Donkey and say – you can’t be here how would you survive. 

     See how totally free and creative your mind will become. Nothing is filed and labeled any longer. Anything goes. This is how most Scientist and Artist do thier best work. By opening up to the creative power of the Universal One Mind. I propose this as a step for the world to release all of our prconcieved notions of finding Peace. 

We cannot solve the significant problems we face today with the same thinking that created them.     – Albert Einstein


It’s an inside job

     Listen to me Now. It is your thoughts alone that we must work with.  This is the Unified field and also the field that must be planted. Before it can be planted it must be tilled, prepared and weeded. A magnificent crop cannot be harvested without this preparation. If nothing you see means anything then don’t tell it what it is, ask it what it is.

 The worst and the best thing that can  happen to you is a thought. 


Empty your mind of everything you think you know.       – Buddha

No one can save you but yourself. Why? Because only you have dominion over your thoughts and thereby have dominion over ALL things.            

                               Alex P Will-I- Am

May it be an evening star shines down upon you

May it be when darkness falls your heart will be true

You walk a lonely road

Oh how far you are from home

Believe and you will find your way

A promise lives within you now

May it be the shadow’s call will fly away

May it be you journey on to light the day

When the night is overcome

You may rise to find the sun.              

                                    – Enya

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