Give up what you can’t keep for something you can’t lose.

Life is a mystery, that means it cannot be solved. And when all efforts to solve it prove futile, the mystery dawns upon you. The doors are open and you are invited. As a knower no one enters the divine. As a child, ignorant, not knowing at all, the mystery embraces you. With a knowing mind you are clever, not innocent. Innocense is the door.

                                       – Osho

I’m going to say the same thing in my own way; if you go on a Spritual search which is self evident as you read this, you will come to know that you can’t know. In this realization everything becomes possible, the whole world is opened. No longer will you tell it what it is but only ask it what it is- this is mysticism. This will make you Happy!

In this respect sometimes I point at deconstruction or undoing, the opposite of building a better self. A return to innocence. When Jesus said one must become like the little children to enter Heaven, this is what he spoke of.  

The Return Trip

There seem to be many different pathways to God, freedom, enlightenment. Many different blocks on the return trip that must be overcome.

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

                       – Jim Morrison

Everyone points to a different way. It can get confusing.

Let’s look at the idea that all illusions are one. Fear/death/time/guilt etc. Let’s say that there is no hierarchy of illusions. One illusion is all illusions.This would include All mental constructs we have built. Leading Scientist attempt to explain the Cosmos with one elegant equation. This one equation in this idea of no heirarchy would be what – zero. The Cosmos seems to have come out of nowhere – zero. We ask what was before the Big Bang. We humans think of everything in terms of what we can sense. We say what is real is what we see, hear and feel.  To us zero is meaningless and it would be if all that existed in true reality (Nirvana/Heaven) were zero. 

So now we are into other dimensions that we are unaware of. This is very reasonable being that our spectrum of hearing and sight are only a fraction of what exist.  We can measure a much broader spectrum of light, sound with instruments we have constructed. 

Now we move into science. Tell us please Science world, what have you discovered. Dark energy, quarks, Higgs-Bozon, black holes. Is it true that we cannot locate matter, or have I watched too many YouTube videos. As far as I know every time they go to look at a very small piece of matter it appears in several places at once. These are its potential locations. Is it true that the observer and the observed cannot remain seperate. If this is true then is it logical that everything is One. 

I want to call this One Mind. With this idea we might say that everything in the Cosmos is “one” appearing as many.  All points are connected.

This next piece will be hard for me to share. Would you believe that we actually think something before we see it. That’s hard to swallow.     

       Projection makes perception. 

                                –  ACIM

This is not “me” saying this; many spiritual text and teachers point this out. As we have come to see, spirituality over the ages has been well ahead of Science on many topics.

If projection makes perception then just what in Heavens name are we perceiving here and now. ” Here and now” that’s an important statement. Why? Because as the Course states, we only see the past. Wow, it’s a lot to take in, or put out. Holy spitballs, now what. 

We only see a small spectrum of  the dimensions that we do see

Matter cannot be located

The observer and the observed cannot remain seperate

Projection makes perception

It appears to me that we are dealing only with mind- One mind.

It gets even freakier. I was watching ” What the bleep do we know ” for the tenth time, listening to the one Scientist stating that consciousness is so powerful that in combination with the incredible energy within a vacume it could easily produce the Big Bang Boom. 

I know, sounds like the craziest Science fiction I could imagine reading.  Let’s keep going.

In my own limited words The Course says that; we were in Heaven and wondered what it would be like to go off and play by ourselves. We had a thought in which the Son of God remembered not to laugh. This was our departure from innocence. It goes on to say that once this mistake was realized that we ran and hid in guilt and shame. We then created the Biggy Boom. This Cosmos was made as a defense against God. Combining this idea together with the power of Consciousness to create the Universe is facinating.

I was looking at the Fibanachi Sequence the other day. It is said that everything constructed in the cosmos can be related to its formula. If one looks at it and it’s mathematical equations it can be seen as a manufactured hiding place within its circles. The Gallaxies resemble this as well. I have often thought of this world as a maze within a maze. Can you sense this or see the relationship of the Fibanachi to the Cosmos to a hiding place.

What does all this mean? What do we do with it. What do I do with it, assuming any of it were true.

Become Passersby. – Jesus

Empty you mind of everything you think you know and come to God with wholly (Holy) empty open arms.

This would also be a return to innocence would it not. A return to a childlike state of mind. 

Now hold the phone here. What if you’re wrong. What if this is my one shot on Earth to live and do my thing. Yes, it’s can be very fearful. The idea of stopping with the admission that you were wrong about everything. Not only stopping but throwing it in reverse and then stepping on the gas.

I can say this much; I keep looking around for an alternative. Looking for Happy People in which I can emulate. I can’t find any. Sure, I see people in happy states but I keep watching and the idol falls apart. And this is so in my own case. I go thru the narrow corridor of what I perceive to be pleasure and pain, running toward one and avoiding the other. This is by no definition – Freedom. Where is the alternative? Show me one. Where is truth here. Tell me about it!

I was told ever since I was young and watching people die, I would ask; where do they go, what happens. I was told oh you can’t know that, they go to Heaven. Well where is that I asked. It’s where everything is perfect- the said. Well let’s all kill ourselves then. They said; no, then they won’t let you in. I’m kidding around but just a little but it is funny.

I always circle around back to just, be here now. Become passersby. It really is a facinating thought system. This whole idea of freeing the mind. I suppose one would first have to buy into the idea that the mind is imprisoned. 

Just put on some music and walk thru the Garden. What else is One to do? See you on the happy trails,

Big Al Will- I – Am   sss

Cosmos, time, Unified Field

With the declaration of; teach on the basis of what I want to learn, because what I teach is teaching me. Here we go….

Just for fun:

Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.      –Paulo Coelho The Alchemist


Anyone want to take a look at that? I started to then caught myself. I see all of this as “much to to about nothing”, as Shakespeare put it. Yes, it’s all very facinating. The mind loves investigating and solving problems. Crossword puzzles, even Jeopardy on TV. Look how much I know, look what I can do with my mind.  In my view of the Unified Feild, very simply stated, it gives back what it receives.

We only get to keep what we give away in this life. 

The desire for knowledge merely reflects in return the same.  It’s a simple mirror. And this is not a new idea. Let’s look closer or better yet from further out from Far above this addiction to thought and form, even above this precious prized consciousness of the Earthling; allow me to paint a picture from above the battlefield.

Cosmos/Consciousness/Time are all creations and domains of the ego. The Who-man mind continually divides, seperates, sub-divides and on and on. We see this thruout the Universe. Many spiritual teachings point toward knowing these domains. The ego enthusiastically approves this study of itself. Yes study the little me but whatever you do, don’t look above to-before the little me. In essence it acts as a magician; look over here while I conceal the truth from you. Distraction is its sleight of hand. This is the veil, pulled over the “little me’s” eyes. 

It may seem very esoteric, this is the purpose of this Cosmos; to hide.

Oh let me not make light, piercing this veil is no small feat, just as Peace is no small gift. Why? I have so over learned this world and its ways. A Grand Canyon of a groove has been worn into the recesses of my mind. 

In order to come to whole mind this subdivision must cease.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”.   – Ghandi

As I look out upon this world of time and form I see all that I believe I remember. This is not so. Before time was, I am, (One). Here is one issue with form and time; I have no nuteral thoughts, it’s impossible. By not having nuteral thoughts, I am in need of self- judgement. Good/bad, hot/cold, ugly/beautiful- it’s exhausting. I don’t think we are capable of getting tired if not for all our judgements. Also it is painful and damaging. All thought produces form at some level, there is no such thing as idle thoughts.

I reduce my brothers to judgement; you’re either this or that but not the everything that you truly are.

By focusing only on the essence of life and not on the form this judgement issue may be reduced if not irradiated. Jesus used the word forgiveness. I think of fore-giveness as coming before; even before the issue appears one makes up his mind to release it. And so it has no effect.

I wear a crown, my crown is not decked with diamonds or Indian stones, my crown is called content, it is a crown seldom kings enjoy.


What might this look like? What is this essence of life? It is what arises in the mind without judgement by the mind. In other words no attempt is made to define it as a problem. Resist not evil. Why? If ones deems it evil then he has judged. Watch the mind. Look, here comes some envy, oh now some sadness. Remaining behind or underneath the thought forms and emotions prevents being dragged along with our thoughts. Watch what arises come and go without getting attached. 

This is a very deep practice. Yes, the problems of the world will tug and pull at you. They must be dealt with. But they are not you. Peace comes to the non- attached mind. The problems of the world are unending, solve one two more pop up. 

               Become passersby

– shortest teaching of Jesus- Book of Thomas (Nag- Hammadi Library)

As they are not seperate from me I applaud those investigating into the Unified Feild. I simply at this time consciously make a choice to be at Peace. I skip right past all of the machinery of the world, (all concepts) to accept and become what that machinery cannot produce- peace. Why? Because choice equals conflict. I lay all comparisons down beside my One Truth – Love, Peace, and the joy that arises. Is this not what is needed in a world at war with itself.

This may seem boring to some. Indeed the mind is always searching for something to chew on. This is quite fine. The above process is for those who have run all the roadways of the world and see that they lead nowhere.

Some  paraphrased quotes in this article are from ACIM. 


I Am That – Nisargadatta Maharaj

Johnathon Livingston Seagull

Stillness Speaks- Eckhart Tolle

Gettin’ Right in the Groove

Or dropping right in the slot.

  Life begins at 40, no 50, 50 is the new 40, 60 is the new teenage years. Let’s just spout them out as they come. Blank is the new blank. 

Some might say life starts at birth. Abortion Billboards tout, life starts at 5 months. Some Spiritual Teachers, when asked about death report ” you believe in death because you believe you live”. When asked about life on other planets, one speaker answered, “there is no life here”. 

My experience is that ” Life” is the underlying, All and the Always. It is here and it is Now. I do not see any other dimension in space and time where it could be.

I openly admit that I know nothing. My sense and experience is that Life,  possibly defined as the all pervasive Joy and Radiance of Being is always right in front of us. 

We can look at teachings referring to  consciousness, Cosmos and time as the domain of the ego. I can see how this is true but if the experience of Love is here and now, then how much do I need to know. Focus the mind on an experience of truth in which we here on Earth attempt to describe as Love, Peace and joy. 

I remember getting a message. The message was” Be Happy”. I thought “what”. I thought life was a struggle. Happy? How do I do that? 

Answer: Do what you Love and mix it up!

In summary: if not now – when!

It’s a party and nobody cares

What we’re doin’ there

Baby, it’s a party as long as you’re there

It’s a party, party, party!

I can’t believe it when some people say

That it’s a sin that way we live to die

You know, there’s never been a more natural thing

Yea there’s a brand new story, but it’s the same old lie

So come on

Get ready for the time of your life

‘Cause I’m gettin’ right in the groove

And if you’ve got somethin’ for me

I’ve got somethin’ for you

 – Boston ” Party”

Suggested looks: 

PBS ” American Denial”

The Intouchables- movie

Happy People – Netflix


Neil Young “Love in Mind”

Van Halen – “Right Now”

Lisa Kelly ” May it Be”

Smile and Wave- you may rise to find the Sun

Hi my name is Arch Angel Alex. Some  call me AAA, I’m here to tow you home.

(Oh, he may get some comments on that)

Honestly,  I would not read this if I were you- its total bollocks, but what    do I know.

    It’s just a dream my friends. How serious it has become for some of us. The individual association with Cancer, the dumpster diver, the addict, the crippled, the starving, the abandoned.       

    Even the great Archer In the Chariot goes with God along side. Not only to do war only on the field but in the battlefield of his mind.

                               – Alex P Will-I-Am

     If you have found total happiness in the world, don’t bother reading this. Why would you. If not, continue on dear reader. My motto is: share on the basis of what you want to learn because what you teach is teaching you. With that declaration, off we go…..

      I can remember one point in my journey where I would have said ” seek not to change the world but seek to change your mind about the world and the world changes with it”. That’s a paraphrased quote from A Course in Miracles. What I understand that quote to mean today is that until one frees himself, he cannot give that Freedom away. Giving is proof of having. If one focuses on the destruction and suffering of the planet and species outside of himself he will not find the Peace within Himself. I feel a deep empathy and sympathy for my brother. Suffering seems to surround me as I travel across the country.  If I can only see a reflection of myself in others,  why is this so, as I am not suffering.  Indeed I have asked and given myself for the purpose of the Universe. Is the witnessing of suffering on a grand scale that answer. Keep in mind any suffering is all suffering. We can’t say “well I’m happy 51 percent of the time”. I am very reasonably talking about 100 percent. Why? Because it’s a state of mind. So then,  having a deep desire to help in the illumination and illimination of suffering in myself and others, let’s See.

   Enlightenment is the end of suffering


     The end of suffering for the individual enlightened consciousness  must ultimately be up to that mind. Keeping in mind we are speaking of Psychological suffering, which makes up a majority. Let’s take a look.

     The only no-thing that exist in the true reality is perfect oneness. Where all comparisons have been laid down beside the truth. Choice equals conflict. There is no need of choice in oneness or Nirvana. What would there be to decide between? However we are not in Heaven, are we. Using Christian terminology; to accept the at-onement for ourselves is our goal- the will of God. Simply said we are to become Love. An attribute of that is Joy or happiness. By accepting the atonement or ” I and the Father are oneness” one becomes that Love. 

    The individual Who-man conscousess cannot tell truth from falsity, Heaven from Hell, pleasure from pain, his advances from his retreats-without aid. However with a simple declaration of: I need help! That aid is brought to his side. Now the Journey without distance to the place he never left has begun.  

On the road

    There is a branching of the road. It has appeared in front of of the associated consciosness ( you). If help is asked for. a decision now HAS been made. We traveled down the Highwat to Hell and misery. We will not come here again. The journey of no steps has now begun. Where? In your mind. It is your thoughts that must be observed and corrected for they alone imprison you. 

Q: How is this so?

A: Everything is only your thought about it. Just stop and look at it. Stop! A tree is not anything until you name it  a tree. For you to see this is a requirement. This is Adam naming the animals. Adam named the animals thereby seperatiing them from him. I am here, the Cow is there and we are seperate. Let’s reverse that and come to know we are all one. Now let’s simplify this idea. Nothing you see means anything. Why? Because you have given everything you see all the meaning it has for you. So by changing the meaning of everything you see to blank, we swap our minds for the mind of God. Which is using Christian terminology for expresseng the idea: change your thoughts, change your life. Why? Because by the very willingness to see things differently the  Universe will rush in and write a new beautiful meaning on the blank sheet you have provided. 

The blank sheet of paper had nothing to say. It thought- I think I’ll become a tree and act like a Cactus in the Desert talking to a Donkey and say – you can’t be here how would you survive. 

     See how totally free and creative your mind will become. Nothing is filed and labeled any longer. Anything goes. This is how most Scientist and Artist do thier best work. By opening up to the creative power of the Universal One Mind. I propose this as a step for the world to release all of our prconcieved notions of finding Peace. 

We cannot solve the significant problems we face today with the same thinking that created them.     – Albert Einstein


It’s an inside job

     Listen to me Now. It is your thoughts alone that we must work with.  This is the Unified field and also the field that must be planted. Before it can be planted it must be tilled, prepared and weeded. A magnificent crop cannot be harvested without this preparation. If nothing you see means anything then don’t tell it what it is, ask it what it is.

 The worst and the best thing that can  happen to you is a thought. 


Empty your mind of everything you think you know.       – Buddha

No one can save you but yourself. Why? Because only you have dominion over your thoughts and thereby have dominion over ALL things.            

                               Alex P Will-I- Am

May it be an evening star shines down upon you

May it be when darkness falls your heart will be true

You walk a lonely road

Oh how far you are from home

Believe and you will find your way

A promise lives within you now

May it be the shadow’s call will fly away

May it be you journey on to light the day

When the night is overcome

You may rise to find the sun.              

                                    – Enya

The Stream

see for more

It’s better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours, no one can take it from you, not by Angels nor by Demons, Heaven nor Hell. – Buddha  

Q: what in the hell does that mean?

A: This battle may be referred to as the battle of self concept verses Self. We have all built a concept of ourselves. it’s as if we were out in space and fabricated a self out of nothing and nothing can be made from nothing. its as if we designed a small holographic software package called “me” on our laptop and then plugged it into a world. This must be realized in order that the true Self may be known. This has been stated in many Spiritual text as parting the veil, Kundalini awakening, Crown Chokra opening, Enlightenment, Self – Realization and many more. These terms have been muddied over time and all but lost thier meaning. Truth remains as always changeless

Q: So how do we get back home?

 A: Good question. I laid on a beautiful Island the other day. I was in Oregon at a beautiful stream running through the coastal mountains. The water was whispering, the trees reflecting off the water, big deep pools among the soft Rapids. I noticed a little island in the stream. It was made of little smooth stones from the stream and the Sun was shining and heating them. I thought I’ll just lay on them and give myself a hot rock massage and talk with Jesus for a while. I proceeded to give a full dissertation on all of the reasons I was worthy and ready to come home. It’s ok here but I’m ready. I’ve been a good good boy, lately at least. just look at my score on the Video Game. Look at those points I racked up. Just beam me on up there and we can hang together, listen to some music, go swimming- I painted a wonderful picture. No response, but I could tell he was smiling. On I went about how I had done everything a Earthling could do here, just beam me on up. No response. Well at least talk to me, I said. Finally he spoke up barely able to hold back his laughter. He said, I can’t beam you up to a place you already are! I thought, Oh man not that again, I was really making progress, just keep that to yourself (just kidding). I asked, you mean I’m on the wrong road? It’s worse than that he replied, there are no roads. But as long as you think there are, turn around and go the other way. Oh, I’ve been going the wrong way, but this is a one way street, I said. He told me to go one block over and head the other way. There was some good news He informed me, one block over was a stream and all I had to do was put my raft in the water and float on back.    

Q: float on back huh? What about the Rapids on the river or the Snakes or Crocadiles? What will we eat or wear. Can I take my Cell Phone?

A: Well I’ve been eating the Crocks and the Snakes and this is a neked raft trip. Once you totally accept the idea of returning, all obstacles will be removed and your path will be made straight. Another thing is that the current always goes toward home on this River. I’ve seen many bodies struggling and paddling upstream against the current. They sure look worn out and tired. I just sat here under The Bodie tree for a minute, it’s time to go. Come on, the waters warm, it’s always Summertime here and everyone’s waiting for us. You can even fish on the way. Where the River meets the Ocean and the Ocean meets the sky, you will find me there.