The journey back to Zero – Everything

A: Let’s go to the other side.

Q: The other side of what?

A: instead of looking from this side of time toward eternity, we are going to start in Eternity and look to here where we think we are now. So imagine in your mind that you exist before time and are about to be rocketed into a Worm Hole that will spit you out into this dimension. Only this time you will maintain and bring with you the memory of being before time. So Kaboom- down the Worm Hole you go. The next thing you experience is getting slapped on the ass while someone holds you upside down. Here we all are now. As you open your eyes and get comfortable with these perceptual stimulus inputs, learn to walk and so forth, there is a irregularity that the Parents notice. You don’t say “I hungry” or “mine”. Later in life when asked how old you are you say ” I am before time was”. When asked your name you say ” call me Energy”. This child never allows the world or himself to build a self- concept. 

I ask this question: could this child suffer? 

Q: could this child experience pleasure?

A: what else would this child be in but a state of Eternal bliss.

Q: why does a baby cry?

A: I suppose to exercise its lungs and grow strong as well as being in some physical discomfort with gas or rash but that’s physical and not Psychological. And above all because it finds itself in a prison of a body which is nothing but a limit as seen from the perspective of total freedom in Nirvana. 

I Hungry, she took my toy, I don’t want to go to bed/school. I can’t do that, she has one and I don’t. Without the sense of I there could be no suffering is my point. 

Q: but I already constructed a me, so what now?

A: Deconstruction back to the Everything that you are before you squashed yourself into a body or a limited framework. 

As we and most children grow up everything is based and built on the I. We might ask a question of another and get a response and then the defense begins. We say “Well I agree with you but”. It’s all based on the past construction of “I”. Think  about thinking with no discretion, not from the “I”. If there is no “I” then there could not be anything whatsoever to defend against or fear. Look at all the chaos in the world where every seeming entity is trying to substantiate thier position. They say ” I am real, I have an opinion, I will not stand for this, I will kill you for what I believe”.  The whole idea that we are all separate is the problem. There is a chicken, it’s separate from me, I think I’ll eat it. These people don’t agree with us- let’s nuke em. They have oil we do not, let’s take it. 

Q: well don’t we all need things?

A: yes but look at the excess, how much does one person need. Time becomes a consideration now. The make believe mind made self says: I might run out- there exist scarcity in the world, I have to get mine before I die. If one of us could die then all of us would die, there is no death, so there is no scarcity. The Human bases his entire reality on ultimately terminating due to the construction of the concept of time. We can’t say what God is or what truth is because we are that. We are the love. A Book cannot read its own pages, a mind cannot study itself. It’s a dog chasing it’s tail. Can we use the mind to overcome the mind? If one looks for long enough he will come to the conclusion that this entire Multi-verse is made up of thought constructs. One possibility I like is the construction of a paradigm whereby I build a construct to walk right out of this dimension into MY own paradise. This might not be a novel idea but it is to my mind. I suppose  the whole time machine idea comes from this, but in mine the mind is the machine. If it is true that as within so without then by the fact that we see wormholes in space they must exist in our mind. Can we travel through time by the ability to utilize these internal devices. The Kingdom of Heaven is within. 

If I disappear then you will know where I am. Until then here is a method- be a Methodist for a day.

In short: judge nothing and it is ALL Beautiful. Make a decision now, not to decide. Beyond that, be the watcher of your thoughts. Watch all of the thoughts arise, the parade is always going on, the River is always flowing. Now take one more giant step back and observe the observer. Watch yourself watching your thoughts. Who is the one to which the thoughts arise?

I was out in the nighttime Forest dancing,

It occurred to me that this is what I do for a living. 

Dancing is the food of life. 

Living is a state of mind. 

One paints, sings, plays his music

Give the Spirit the gift of belief,

He will use it to manifest Himself in the givers mind.

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