Nothing I see means anything

 This is Big Al Will- I Am broadcasting in High Definition on the Spirit Broadcast Network which is everywhere you want to be. 

May the Love, Light and Wisdom of the Divine shine forth Now!

In the declaration of; teach on the basis of what you want to learn because what you teach is teaching you- here we go.

There is a proven method of contacting the one true Power Source of all there is, ever was and ever will be. May you find it Now!

A Course in Miracles

In the first lesson of this particular Spiritual Text (can be found in many) it says:

Nothing I see means anything.The reason this is so is that I see nothing, and nothing has no meaning. It is necessary that I recognize this, that I may learn to see. What I think I see now is taking the place of vision. I must let it go by realizing it has no meaning, so that vision may take its place.

   To the initiated this may or may not make any sense whatsoever. Why? Who in thier right mind would believe that what they have taught themselves through thier entire life is meaningless. I say we are not “in” our right mind. This is the point of the lesson. 

Q: what does it mean?

A: From one approach it means that the things we see have no meaning in and of themselves. We must give them meaning and I have given everything I see all the meaning it has for me (second lesson). It’s important to understand this.

Q:why is that important?

A: in order to change our minds about what we see, to see it with the Quantum field we must come to this simple realization.

Q: Why would I want to do that?

A: At some point we all come to the conclusion or ask the question; is this all there is. Or we wonder ” is there more”. What happened to my childhood Joy. In the building of our own Universes, we had a bad teacher “ourselves”. But there exist within our own minds a solution, a better teacher who knows what will make us happy. 

Q:Who is it that’s in there?

A:  nothing that can be said can describe her. There’s a reason for this. Anything that can be described the mind will formulate a picture of and start ascribing attributes to ” it”. I like to think of “it” as me at the end of time or the Quantum Field of Universal intelligence. 

Q: Where is “it”?

A: That would be an attribute. Not within the space/ time continuum as we perceive it. And in contrast to that statement “everywhere” , everything is connected and at the same time ultimately illusory. In this dimension connected and within the Oneness of Ultimate Reality non- existent. 

Q: How do I contact it?

A: Very good question. There is a light in you the world cannot perceive, call it Buddha Nature, Spirit, Spark of Divinity, true Self, Atman within, endless names have been given and will continue to be applied. 

Q: Why so many names?

A: Because we are discussing the traits of the one true reality that has been recognized by all civilizations from the beginning of Man. Totally and utterly beautiful beyond definition, the source of all of mans true happiness.

Q: Does this have anything to do with the planets and stuff?

A: Once you have stood outside of the Cosmos and and are shown the transientness of it all, certianly one may see that his life here is the same. But you are before time was, so the planets nor anything in space/time can effect you.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.              Buddha

You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger. The man being whipped is the man doing the whipping.           – unknown

The in examined life is not worth living.    —-Socrates

All else can wait; finding out why you exist cannot.          – Vedanta

Do you want to know the ending, find the beginning for there lies the end.    – Jesus


Q: why did you just throw a lot of quotes at me?

A:  To make you think.

Q: Am I not always thinking?

A: Think about what you are thinking about and remember when you are in the past or future your mind is blank.

Q: huh

A: the most one can say about the past is that it is gone, the future but imagined. Most of the time you think about the past and future, your mind is blank. Eternity is a moment in time that last forever. Sequencing time is the currency of the ego. By doing so one misses now and covers it over.

There are Universal laws in existence that cannot be seen but exist. One may align himself and experience the joy that he came here to receive. Once the question is asked, ” why am I here, what is the meaning in this”, he begins his journey to ultimate freedom. These universal laws become clear in his mind and he need only bend himself to them. Rigid are the laws but flexible is he. Non attachment to any outcome he sways with the tips of the flame of the fire, he becomes the dancer and finally the dance. The dance is always right here, right now. One cannot dance before or later. Life ” is” always the essence of the dance and never the form. It cannot be found in another time and space if not now. One cannot run toward it hoping to find it in the future. Joy exist within the laws of the essence of now. Within the fire dancers heart as he performs and together with the entertained creates this joy of life. As the performer gives himself and the court feels that energy, combined with thier own- this is the essence of the dance of life.

   As long as one is locked into his own surface life circumstances and identifies with them, life is covered over with a veil of thought form. Complete each task as the dance and dancer with no attachment to outcome. One is not the means to the end or causation. The message and the messenger are one. 

 Our opinion about anything is wrong by default. Why? Because we have no nuteral thought. There is no right or wrong only our opinion about it and that is always false. There are three-Hundred and sixty degree marks on a Compass and infinitely more ticks between those. The only thing that appears to exist are different approaches to a subject. Just different ways of looking at thought form. Things are only thoughts projected out. An opinion about a thought form is what subjective reality is. It really is a thought about a thought. We project thoughts outside of us then we defend ourselves against them. It’s comical. We defend ourselves against our own thoughts and who are we defending but a mind made self. So nothing is defending itself against nothing. Once more, everything we see with the body’s eyes is completely nuteral, it just is. The thing we see,  we must give or assign meaning to. Even our own bodies are completely nuteral. Without stress or abuse by us. They merely follow directions. Tell the body to walk down this road or that one and it obeys. We tell it as we grow up things such as ” this is what Hot feels like”, if you feel this let me know. It merely sends us signals we have taught it. It’s only out thought about the body that gives it meaning for us. Thing like ” I hate you body” are decided by us. And who are “we” but a self construction. We damn sure are not the body, so who are we, consciousness. No – pure being, consciousness arises after being, perception with the body’s senses are not needed in total Oneness or Nirvana. So we are a self constructed self (nothing) having an non nuteral opinion about a nuteral thing. See.

Q: So what if any is the solution? 

A: Enlightenment is the end of suffering.               -Buddha

Q: what does that mean?

A: Freedom is the freedom of concepts or thoughts about anything. Things just are, they don’t need our opinion to be what they are. In fact, if we withdraw our opinion about them they will tell us what they are. As well if you stop telling yourself what you are or withdraw the need to define yourself you will come to know what you are, which is no “thing”. I like this, don’t like that, all personal preferences, I’m not good at that, I can do this. Stop it! Don’t build a mental construct about yourself for that equates to suffering.

Q: What happens after that?

A: When we stop trying to define and categorize everything we will find Peace. What springs from Peace is joy and Love goes hand in hand as a companion with these. 

Also we must all come to see that by categorizing our brothers we are really saying we are not worthy. Looking at a brother and deciding he is deficit is just the same as looking at our thoughts and saying not good enough. 

In summary: 

Never defend yourself

Be Love Now

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