Just Who in the Hell do you think you are?

Who are You?
Who are You?

Q: Alex what is the meaning of life?

A: The Ultimate meaning is to know yourself. The Greeks had a saying “Sarte Nueron” which meant just that.

Q: How do I come to know myself?

A: One simply must ask. Seek and he shall find, knock and the door shall be opened. Find a spiritual text you like and inquire.

Q: Are there other ways?

A: Yes as Ramana Maharshi and Nasargadatta put it, just sit quietly and hone in on “I”. What am I? Am I this body, am I these thoughts, am I the sum of my memories and experiences here on this planet. Ask what was my face before I was born.

Q: What will I discover?

A: I have discovered that before this life, I am. Before this world, I am. Before the Universe, I am. I am: not this body, these thoughts, feelings, or anything one can name or imagine.

Q: What will happen next?

A: I have discovered freedom of the false mind made self. Freedom of attachment to thought. Thoughts are like big hooks, if they get a bite they will drag you out to see. Watch them pass by like clouds. Look here goes one now. I am in the world but I do not let it tell me my identity.

Q: Who does the world try to tell you you are?

A: Well who do you think YOU are?

Q: Well my name is Fred and I’m male , my parents live in Katmandoo and they raised me. I am married and am a brick mason….

A: Well the world has taught you poorly. I applaud your hard work and marriage, these can be great gifts. What I am saying is before, behind and underneath all these things you are pure being, perfect and unchangeable. Get in touch with that. As you do these other earthly things, let that pure being lead the way. Hold the Torch of your pure being out in front at all times as you run the tracks of life- just like the Olympic Torch Bearer. See what happens then.

Q:What will happen?

A: This is not a Science, it is an art.  Attack your mind as an Alchemist and boil all thoughts that do not serve away. Life will become a great joy, all fear will fade. What is life with fear but fearful. One cannot see two worlds at the same time. He sees a hateful vengeful world or a perfect Garden of Eden to play out this temporary and transient short life that is only one page in a Great series of Novels.


Q: Is that my purpose?

A: Yes your purpose is to be happy. Once held, it is realized that nothing can take it from you. Love has no opposite, if your not feeling it then fear is blocking your awareness of love, peace and joy. If you have fear then you are identifying with an imaginative phantom, fearful thoughts have made their home in you. Eviction is in order. This is accomplished by watching your thoughts. Find all of the ones that do not make you happy, trace them back to thier source and pull them up like a weed and cast them into the fire.


Q: How is this done?

A: What are your fearful of?

Q: I am fearful of not having a good life.

A: This I find common and at one time I had this similar fear. So let’s look at how a “good life” could be defined. I know a woman in prison right now who text me every day about the joy she has found through here introspection due to her time incarcerated. I know another woman who has beauty and lives freely in the work but is always miserable. What is the difference? Happiness is not circumstance dependent. There will always be storms on the surface of life. They do not define you. You are changeless, unchangable. Your happiness will never be found in the world, it must come from within. The kingdom of Heaven is within- Jesus said.

Q: How do I find it within?

A: Most fear comes from the underlying belief in death or time. Time = death. No matter what you do here you will apparently get old, get sick and get die. No, no, no, your are before this world, you cannot die therefore time is a man made illusion.

Q: This body will die

A: Yes this body will die but it is not you. The only possible way to live is Now. You can’t live yesterday nor tomorrow, you must undergo your awakening into eternity NOW. It’s the only time you can do it. This involves a changing of your thought system. The software has a few Trojan Horses that are wreaking havoc. Let’s shut down the Hard Drive and load a new faster updated version of Creative Mind. The old fearful software is slow and outdated and does not serve. Change your thoughts, change your now life.

Q: But I am not a computer

A: You are more like a computer than you imagine while you identify with the body and brain. Every decision you will ever make will stem from what you think you are! Believe that you are a body laid upon a dying world and sorrow will befall you, if not now eventually. Know that you are all power of the Universe and nothing can block your way to Happiness. You are the dreamer of this dream. Sit and focus on the “Who am I”. Am I this fearful thought, this body, these emotions, these memories, these life situations that come and go. What are you?

Q: Thanks Big Al

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