Let’s  all go to the movies

     Picture This

     There is Movie Theatre in your mind. It’s called “The Grand Illusion”. It’s a beautiful Theatre, recliners for chairs, super- kickass sound system. The screen is monstrous and made from glass- crystal clear. No one else has come to watch, it’s just you. As you sit and wait suddenly you notice a figure next to you. “Can I get some of that popcorn” he asked. Slowly in shock you hand it over. I Love Popcorn he states. As you evaluate this figure he looks somehow familiar. What’s with the white Robe dude” you ask. Well it’s comfortable and easy to go to the bathroom in, plus I have appearances to keep up, he informs you. He tells you that today the movie is a biography of your life. He says your life is already over and now we merely look back on it in dreams. Oh here’s the curtain call- let’s watch. Right at the beginning he starts laughing, he laughs practically all the way through pointing at the screen. You were so disappointed when your bike got stolen, oh, here is where you lost your cell phone, you got fired from that shitty job, what a relief. Oh, here comes the good part when you finally realized this was only a dream and woke up, those where the best happy years. Oh, you haven’t seen this part yet. You ask, ok, what do I do when this happens? He says you turn to me and ask- that’s what.

      And so it is. There is a guide within your dream construct waiting patiently to help you. He never demands and never commands. Just bring me the darkness and we will shine a light on it and see if it remains is his advice. Bring Him some Popcorn as a gift. He’s an avid movie watcher.

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