Time- what in the Hell is it good for

     I am here and you are there but we are not separate. All minds are joined.

Right now, Milky Way Galaxy, this Solar system, planet Earth, there are Tribes of people existing that have never seen a white man. They still use bows and arrows, still worship unknown gods. We know very little about them. 

     Can you see how in this representation how all time is going on all the time. This is not accurate but nothing here is. This world is the reverse of truth in every way. I merely point. 

     Another pointer. This Universe is nothing more than an idea. Made of mental constructs so over learned we have forgotten the making.  I’ve spoken with the master originating Creator about this. I stepped out of time for a moment. My question was , what alternative do I have? Where else is there to play?  As with many things  seemingly including this world, I get bored. I feel like I was nudged back toward this world. Not this time, finish what you started. God is standing there and motions His head over his shoulders as he says- right back there in that room there’s a group that meets for lunch- ” Savours of the world anonymous ” . They play cards, tell stories, smoke Cigars. You need to make that group. 

      Now I’m not saying I am responsible for saving your world- just mine. Time- what the Hell is it good for? Only to escape from it. 

     The two children battle with thier wooden swords and shields. Take that, oooow I got you good. By the way what are we fighting for? Oh it doesn’t matter let’s just learn to love the battle. Older now and in the Army he battles still unknowing the reason. 

     If the Universe loves the one he battles and seeks to kill, has he not now separated himself from the will of the Universe. Who has he become? Who does he battle but a piece of himself, his own brother. The Civil War rages on with brothers from the same family on different sides. Who’s freedom does he fight for?

 Everyone is free Now. The love of battle that he learned as a child is only a learned game that he learned to love. He has only learned to defend his love of battle.

     What is the alternative. If one wants peace he will find it. He stands above the battleground now and sees he but battles himself.  The sheid and sword are thrown in the fireplace never to be picked up again. Oh sure he may out of habit reach for them at some point only to chuckle at the thought. For if the Universe of Love is what he is, then why make another separate one that opposes this. 

     One finds himself on the road to peace now. The perceptual human mind might still find sin attractive. This attraction is liken to a 20 foot thick and 40 fort tall block wall. A secret magic phrase must be proclaimed in order for the unseen doorway to materialize. That phrase is ” I need help, I am willing to receive it now” best declared on one knee with head bowed. Now we enter the realm of power in belief. This world is seen by very few and it is powerful indeed, all power eminates from here. Sit here quietly on the bench in this Garden until you know every fruit growing here. Eat of this fruit until you are what you eat. This is the Garden of your birth and the end as well. Remember the music you danced to here and the companions who sang with you, they are waiting for your return. Sit with the music and find this place in your mind. This acidic exquisite Love for all things was placed there by your Father so you would never lose it. You did find it and now we only watch the movie of your finding as we celebrate once more your homecoming. 

      I Love YOU so much more than what you call life. YOU are Loved and YOU can Love. For giving is proof of having. Prove it Now.

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