Coos Bay Oregon

Poisonous Berry’sby alexwilliams

I was doing some planting today, figured I would plant something fruitful. I ran across a berry plant, it was beautiful, I’ll plant this one. Well afterward I was making signs to inform everyone of my genius and wouldn’t you know it, while looking up the information on the plant I read- poisonous. Well I’ll have to let them know that, I thought so as thief dog or child reaches down and begins to eat it they’ll realize there in deep shit.


I didn’t really plant it but who in their right mind would. The world needs some more of this, let’s plant some right here on this trail. Maybe you can make sense of it.

I met some boys in Coos Bay Oregon yesterday, very nice. Both from Vancouver BC., both in computer graphics, one doing commercials and one doing advertising for a ski lodge. Arran and Sean where surfing the coast of “Oregami” as I call it. One look at the water and I knew they were crazy, it looked like a perfectly great place to die. They had somehow come by a old Econoline van named “Blue Angel” that was now converted as a camper. They informed me that a Blue Angel where they come from is where you light a fart on fire. This van fit her name perfectly as she burned a lot of oil and stunk just like a blue angel. We sat by the fire and spoke of unknown number of things such as “what in the hell is that sound that pervades every moment. It sounded like an Owl but no. It sounded like a whistle but no. It was a sound like air blowing through cupped hands or over the top of a glass bottle. I woke up in the middle of the night to think- that’s why they call it “Coos Bay”, all of that cooing. But what the hell is it. I never found out, I have my suspicions.

One thing about Oregami I like is the fact that you can camp just about anywhere with no hassles. I once camped right here on this ledge with this overlook. (Pictured).   

This night with the crazy surfers was right on the beach with lots of others. Fires blazing up and down. One group decorated a Christmas Tree, built a fire under it and lit it ablaze. I even witnessed a lot full of VW Vans in a parking lot talking, while thier owners stretched bodies into pretzels on the beach. Little children running naked playing hide and seek in the beach forest. Turkeys grazing in the fields, I even spotted a Seal in the waves. Yes Oregami is an unusual place, don’t try and pump your own gas you will get a $1000 fine. This employe’s 30,000 people it is said.       


The Surfers and I remarked that in the a absense of any pretty girls we had noticed many a not so pretty and indeed obese. Several “Captian” characters with the big long white beards but no ” chicks”. As I contemplated all of this I turned inward and then inland- Eugene here I come.

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