Let’s  all go to the movies

     Picture This

     There is Movie Theatre in your mind. It’s called “The Grand Illusion”. It’s a beautiful Theatre, recliners for chairs, super- kickass sound system. The screen is monstrous and made from glass- crystal clear. No one else has come to watch, it’s just you. As you sit and wait suddenly you notice a figure next to you. “Can I get some of that popcorn” he asked. Slowly in shock you hand it over. I Love Popcorn he states. As you evaluate this figure he looks somehow familiar. What’s with the white Robe dude” you ask. Well it’s comfortable and easy to go to the bathroom in, plus I have appearances to keep up, he informs you. He tells you that today the movie is a biography of your life. He says your life is already over and now we merely look back on it in dreams. Oh here’s the curtain call- let’s watch. Right at the beginning he starts laughing, he laughs practically all the way through pointing at the screen. You were so disappointed when your bike got stolen, oh, here is where you lost your cell phone, you got fired from that shitty job, what a relief. Oh, here comes the good part when you finally realized this was only a dream and woke up, those where the best happy years. Oh, you haven’t seen this part yet. You ask, ok, what do I do when this happens? He says you turn to me and ask- that’s what.

      And so it is. There is a guide within your dream construct waiting patiently to help you. He never demands and never commands. Just bring me the darkness and we will shine a light on it and see if it remains is his advice. Bring Him some Popcorn as a gift. He’s an avid movie watcher.

Time- what in the Hell is it good for

     I am here and you are there but we are not separate. All minds are joined.

Right now, Milky Way Galaxy, this Solar system, planet Earth, there are Tribes of people existing that have never seen a white man. They still use bows and arrows, still worship unknown gods. We know very little about them. 

     Can you see how in this representation how all time is going on all the time. This is not accurate but nothing here is. This world is the reverse of truth in every way. I merely point. 

     Another pointer. This Universe is nothing more than an idea. Made of mental constructs so over learned we have forgotten the making.  I’ve spoken with the master originating Creator about this. I stepped out of time for a moment. My question was , what alternative do I have? Where else is there to play?  As with many things  seemingly including this world, I get bored. I feel like I was nudged back toward this world. Not this time, finish what you started. God is standing there and motions His head over his shoulders as he says- right back there in that room there’s a group that meets for lunch- ” Savours of the world anonymous ” . They play cards, tell stories, smoke Cigars. You need to make that group. 

      Now I’m not saying I am responsible for saving your world- just mine. Time- what the Hell is it good for? Only to escape from it. 

     The two children battle with thier wooden swords and shields. Take that, oooow I got you good. By the way what are we fighting for? Oh it doesn’t matter let’s just learn to love the battle. Older now and in the Army he battles still unknowing the reason. 

     If the Universe loves the one he battles and seeks to kill, has he not now separated himself from the will of the Universe. Who has he become? Who does he battle but a piece of himself, his own brother. The Civil War rages on with brothers from the same family on different sides. Who’s freedom does he fight for?

 Everyone is free Now. The love of battle that he learned as a child is only a learned game that he learned to love. He has only learned to defend his love of battle.

     What is the alternative. If one wants peace he will find it. He stands above the battleground now and sees he but battles himself.  The sheid and sword are thrown in the fireplace never to be picked up again. Oh sure he may out of habit reach for them at some point only to chuckle at the thought. For if the Universe of Love is what he is, then why make another separate one that opposes this. 

     One finds himself on the road to peace now. The perceptual human mind might still find sin attractive. This attraction is liken to a 20 foot thick and 40 fort tall block wall. A secret magic phrase must be proclaimed in order for the unseen doorway to materialize. That phrase is ” I need help, I am willing to receive it now” best declared on one knee with head bowed. Now we enter the realm of power in belief. This world is seen by very few and it is powerful indeed, all power eminates from here. Sit here quietly on the bench in this Garden until you know every fruit growing here. Eat of this fruit until you are what you eat. This is the Garden of your birth and the end as well. Remember the music you danced to here and the companions who sang with you, they are waiting for your return. Sit with the music and find this place in your mind. This acidic exquisite Love for all things was placed there by your Father so you would never lose it. You did find it and now we only watch the movie of your finding as we celebrate once more your homecoming. 

      I Love YOU so much more than what you call life. YOU are Loved and YOU can Love. For giving is proof of having. Prove it Now.

Come on home now

This is Big Al Will- I Am broadcasting in High Definition on the Spirit Broadcast Network which is everywhere you want to be. 

May the Love, Light and Wisdom of the Divine shine forth Now!

In the declaration of; teach on the basis of what I want to learn because what I teach is teaching Me- here we go.

There is a proven method of contacting the one true Power Source of all there is, ever was and ever will be. May you find it Now!

     My Dear Brothers in Arms- lay down your sword and your shield for the foe you battle is in your mind. Where else could it be. The eyes are projectors and the ears are speakers and we travel only in dreams. I now call you out of the world of time and space to a new dimension called Now. Let’s look at it together.

     Stand outside the Universe and see that time is only a dash mark in eternity. There’s no rush, we have time- go ahead. 

How could time come to circumvent Eternity.             – ACIM

Time is the great illusion, a sleight of hand.                  – ACIM

     At the beginning of time you wrote a book called A Couse in Miracles with the instruction to give it to you now. To give it to you in this place and time. This is the time YOU chose to wake up from the dream.

         How can this be so? Because I am standing here in the middle of your dream telling you so. Here- I’ll give you a little slap on the face, a lil bucket of cold water- no, don’t want that. There is only one road and it leads toward your happiness and joy or away from it. Chose now but chose wisely. But what is the same and what is different? You will be told!

You may wonder how you can be at peace when, while you are in time, there is so much that must be done before the way to peace is open. Perhaps this seems impossible to you. But ask yourself if it is possible that God would have a plan for your salvation that does NOT work. Once you accept His plan as the one function that you would fulfill, there will be nothing else the Holy Spirit will not arrange for you WITHOUT your effort.

He will go before you making straight your path, and leaving in your way no stones to trip on, and no obstacles to bar your way. Nothing you need will be denied you. Not one seeming difficulty but will melt away before you reach it.You need take thought for nothing, careless of everything except the only purpose that you would fulfill. As that was given you, so will its fulfillment be. God’s guarantee will hold against all obstacles, for it rests on certainty and not contingency. It rests on YOU. And what can be more certain than a Son of God?

                            – ACIM 

 Are you? Do you think that’s air your breathing? The body is never at any point real, it is but remembered or anticipated. Come with me on a journey through time and space but don’t blink or you will miss it. Your life is but a page in a great and shining Novel. Do you want to know the ending? Let’s start from the beginning for there the ending lies as well. We journey into a great and shining circle now returning to the place you never left. Say to me ” I intend to go there now”. I say to you ” you are there”. You have now hatched from your cacoon and the egg shells are lying on the ground as witness.

Welcome home!

Take it All

I am responsible for what I See,

I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.

And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for and receive as I have asked.


     It is impossible that one is at the mercy of the world outside him. Ask ” what am I ” . Any logical conclusion will bring you the fact that ” I am a sentient being”. That fact also concludes with; if you are a sentient being, how can that decider come to any other conclusion but that the world he sees is not real. Coming from the intangible decider and perceiver. Therefore what would be the deciding entity that brings the things he sees with his apparent body’s eyes? It could only be himself. There is no other force outside him because there is no outside. Once again. How can an intangible being interpret a tangible world but through his Subjective intangible mind. Leaving the statement: there is only Mind.

     I am the Muslim, the Hindu, the Taoist and the Jew. 

                                          – Big Al

     What does this mean. This world for many years has and continues to operate as if it had a Newtonian software package. We are moving into a quantum reality. In the quote above I say I am all these things for several reasons. The Quantum thinker may apply many different thought processes to any and all situations. In this light he is Quantum. There is a new man on the frontier and he is called ” Limitless”. The purpose of evolution is to evolve. Let’s get to it.

     Each man must go thru his own death experience. He must die to overcome himself. To die before one dies and realize there is no death is freedom. It’s all there if you care to look for it. Adam named the animals thereby creating objective reality and separateness. Adam fell asleep East of Eden, never does it say he awoke. He must go through his crucifixion at Golgatha ( Golgatha- the place of the skull), be buried in the Tomb ( the dark night of the soul) descend into Hell, be resurrected and born again into Heaven on Earth. Each religion describes it differently. Some say one must go thru a Kundalini awakening or a Crown Chakra opening. Such terms as the Seven churches correlate to the seven Chokras. Twelve planets, twelve seasons, twelve Churches, twelve Tribes of Israel. In Daniel it describes the age to come in correlation with the Yugas. It’s all there. All the metaphors, similes and allegorys are true. The Dragon  must be slayed, The Knights of the Round Table, Noble King Aurthor, Cinderella eating the poison Apple, the seven Dwarves, Vampires who live forever, Jack and the Beanstalk, the Prodical Son, Atlantis, all of the treasure seeking, detective movies looking for the suspect, everything that one sees relates to this idea. Wandering vagrants seemingly lost in Hell to adventure seekers to Treasure Hunters of the Oceans all looking for something that is closer to thier own nose than any of the things they search for. 

     This all reminds me of a time when I met a drunk on his hands and knees looking for his wallet under a street light. I’ll help you look for it I said. After several minutes I thought to ask ” where did you lose it”? Pointing down the alley he exclaimed ” down there”. And so it is with us that we look in the familiar lit and well traveled places of the Earth, searching for what it does not contain. The path to the quantum thought process is less traveled and narrow indeed. 

     The man who only thinks in Newtonian terms has a glitch in his software. He must consider the possibility of a new download. A more effecient package in thought process. 

    We cannot solve the significant problems we face today with the same thinking that created them.

                                   – Albert Einstein 

   Maybe I have moved you a little and maybe I have not. I teach only myself. How remains the question. This we will look at in detail- sell your belongings, give the money to the poor and come and join me on a journey without distance to the place you never left into the Grand illusion.

Welcome to the grand illusion

Come on in and see what’s happening

Pay the price, get your tickets for the show

The stage is set, the band starts playing

Suddenly your heart is pounding

You’re wishing secretly you were a star

But don’t be fooled by the radio

The TV or the magazines

They’ll show you photographs of how your life should be

But they’re just someone else’s fantasies

So if you think your life is complete confusion

‘Cause you never win the game

Just remember that it’s a grand illusion

And deep inside we’re all the same

We’re all the same

So if you think your life is complete confusion…

Your not alone!

Coos Bay Oregon

Poisonous Berry’sby alexwilliams

I was doing some planting today, figured I would plant something fruitful. I ran across a berry plant, it was beautiful, I’ll plant this one. Well afterward I was making signs to inform everyone of my genius and wouldn’t you know it, while looking up the information on the plant I read- poisonous. Well I’ll have to let them know that, I thought so as thief dog or child reaches down and begins to eat it they’ll realize there in deep shit.


I didn’t really plant it but who in their right mind would. The world needs some more of this, let’s plant some right here on this trail. Maybe you can make sense of it.

I met some boys in Coos Bay Oregon yesterday, very nice. Both from Vancouver BC., both in computer graphics, one doing commercials and one doing advertising for a ski lodge. Arran and Sean where surfing the coast of “Oregami” as I call it. One look at the water and I knew they were crazy, it looked like a perfectly great place to die. They had somehow come by a old Econoline van named “Blue Angel” that was now converted as a camper. They informed me that a Blue Angel where they come from is where you light a fart on fire. This van fit her name perfectly as she burned a lot of oil and stunk just like a blue angel. We sat by the fire and spoke of unknown number of things such as “what in the hell is that sound that pervades every moment. It sounded like an Owl but no. It sounded like a whistle but no. It was a sound like air blowing through cupped hands or over the top of a glass bottle. I woke up in the middle of the night to think- that’s why they call it “Coos Bay”, all of that cooing. But what the hell is it. I never found out, I have my suspicions.

One thing about Oregami I like is the fact that you can camp just about anywhere with no hassles. I once camped right here on this ledge with this overlook. (Pictured).   

This night with the crazy surfers was right on the beach with lots of others. Fires blazing up and down. One group decorated a Christmas Tree, built a fire under it and lit it ablaze. I even witnessed a lot full of VW Vans in a parking lot talking, while thier owners stretched bodies into pretzels on the beach. Little children running naked playing hide and seek in the beach forest. Turkeys grazing in the fields, I even spotted a Seal in the waves. Yes Oregami is an unusual place, don’t try and pump your own gas you will get a $1000 fine. This employe’s 30,000 people it is said.       


The Surfers and I remarked that in the a absense of any pretty girls we had noticed many a not so pretty and indeed obese. Several “Captian” characters with the big long white beards but no ” chicks”. As I contemplated all of this I turned inward and then inland- Eugene here I come.

What time is for by- Big Al Will-I-am

What time is for    

Can you imagine what it means to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time?  Yet that is what time is for; to learn just that and nothing more.

T-15.I.1 – ACIM


Have you ever had some time off and visited a place and thought; Okay calm down, don’t get too excited because there will be a let down when you return to the “real world”. I would like to invite you to examine all of your beliefs. By questioning all of them for example we can look at what we think sustains us in this world. Everywhere I go I see this belief that the body is the Hero of this dream. We think that it needs medicine, clothing, food, housing, transportation and all of our actions are seemingly based on this. I participate in this as well, I’m no different or better. I am suggesting that it’s all a cover, a defense against the truth. All of our beliefs are a shroud that keeps us mindless and in the loop of consumerism. Anytime we believe we are an individual personality in a world this leads to a letting down. Yes we experience some happiness but only at the cost of pain. Up one day and down the next believing that whatever caused the up has now been lost. Pleasures and pains of the world are two sides of the same coin when we believe the things of this world are our source of happiness. Do you see how “if the source is the world” then we are at the mercy of the world. Live by the sword (the world) and therefore die by the sword (world). So what other source is there of Joy peace and happiness . It cannot be explained, understood or put into words because there is a lack of method to describe it. Words are symbols of symbols twice removed from reality. But it can be pointed to and experienced. The only question now is How. The answer is the reverse of “how” and becomes somewhat how not to. HUH? By taking away the desires and things of the world, mainly time, we are left with “it”. This can be very fearful to most as they undergo this journey. Why? Because if you think that you are giving up something real for something unknown….I say give up what you cannot keep for something you cannot lose. Withdraw to your inner self where all happiness resides. The Universal mind of Love would not have put happiness where it cannot be found, that is, outside of you in the world of ever changing and shifting form. To be in this world of form is a limitation of what you are. That is to put your values of what you are in form. This spirit, Buddha nature, your true self, Christ Consciousness, You at the end of time, cannot be seen, held or grasped with the mind. Some things must be believed in order to be seen. Merely ask to be shown, say show me, I am open to be shown – and then start to look for the symbols. The truth comes to the open mind for a sealed mind cannot learn anything. It only takes an instant to drop into serenity, however it may seem to take time to decide that you truly want it. Over time you will see, that it is the only thing worthy of You, or you won’t and that is also fine. I’m not a salesman, I only attempt to teach myself and since we are one, I can only give ideas to myself thereby strengthening them. Time is nothing more than a dash mark on eternity. Eternity is not time forever but a moment in time that last forever. Fall into that moment that last forever. It may take some practice but that is what time is for. You have made time but you do strange things with it. One can waste time but it also can waste. Use it to escape it.

Who are you truly but an Avatar and what is time but a made up idea of past and future. If we were in eternity and flying over time we would have to pay close attention as to not miss it -don’t blink. In truth, the world lasted but an instant and is gone and we now re-live but a tiny instant long gone by. However there is no need to get involved in what is not needed to be understood at present. The one mind will go before you making straight your path leaving no stones to trip on and no obstacles to bar your way. Nothing you need will be denied you. Not one seeming difficulty but will melt away BEFORE you reach it. You need take thought for NOTHING, careless of everything except the only purpose that you would fulfill. CAN YOU IMAGINE (what it will feel like (what it felt like)  what it means to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time?  Yet that is what time is for; to learn just that and nothing more.


This has been Big Al Will-I-am reporting  live and in High-Definition on the Spirit Broadcast Network which is everywhere you want to be.

Take the oath

On the way.


United States of America-oath

Raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and  nothing but the truth so help you God.

In the Cambodian legal system, an oath to tell the truth is also required. Because Buddhism–the prevailing religious belief in Cambodia–does not believe in a god, the oath is typically sworn to Buddha, the spirits of the courtroom, or the ghosts of famous Khmer warriors. The wording threatens dire punishments for those who would testify falsely:


“If I am home, let fire destroy my house for 800 reincarnations; if I am in a boat, let it sink for 800 reincarnations; when I become a ghost, let me eat bloody pus, or swim in boiling chili oil for 800 reincarnations.”


If you cannot see the hilarity of the insanity of this world -God help you. I won’t even begin to approach the fact that there is no truth here and no justice. It might not be so funny if I found myself in front of a Cambodian “Judge”. Chances are pretty slim. Why? Because there is nothing in Cambodia that would entice me to come there. Let me just move on right to the point of what I must come to know. Since this writing is an exercise in the attempt to put down in form what I have learned. There is absolutely no point in this world except to escape it. The one thing that I can and yes must learn to do is to just be in the Love of the one power source. Thats it! exclamation, period -capisce. Why am I still writing then? Just to make sure I have this point. Ladidadidadida. Well what am I going to do all day.Whatever dude. Do what you love with no purpose. Well what about saving the Whales? I haven’t seen one lately that needs saving -have you. What about feeding the starving children? Why are you starving them, if you see one feed him. How about the Earth – don’t I need to save it. Yes by all means save it if it makes you happy. It’s been around for thirteen billion trillion years but go ahead and save it. Well I like to study the migration of butterflies from Kalamazoo to Timbuktu. Wonderfull have a ball. Don’t ever get the idea that you are doing anything except having fun. I like to invent new things and make money and fly Lear Jets around with all my bitches. Yes have at it but don’t ever get the idea that anything is really happening. Why? Because this is nothing and nowhere.

I think I’d like to go

Back home

And take it easy

There’s a woman that

I’d like to get to know

Living there

Everybody seems to wonder

What it’s like down here

I gotta get away

From this day-to-day

Running around,

Everybody knows

This is nowhere.

Everybody, everybody knows

Everybody knows.

Every time I think about

Back home

It’s cool and breezy

I wish that I could be there

Right now

Just passing time.

Everybody seems to wonder

What it’s like down here

I gotta get away

From this day-to-day

Running around,

Everybody knows

This is nowhere.

Everybody, everybody knows

Everybody knows.


Even ole Neil Young knows this. Now the mind wants to ask “what do you mean- this is nowhere”. Answer: It’s just a mind made concept, a mental construct, a thought form, a hologram. Huh. Yep thats it! Just look around at the scenes of your life, constantly changing as one face appears and another takes it’s place as the background shifts from one image to the next. Thats all this is. Now the Earthling gets snagged on images and mental constructs and says I believe in that one. Lemme run off and follow that one and see where it goes. All of the pathways lead to the same place. Why? Because it’s all a external picture of an inward condition. So what do you do then except for release to them all. Let all of the images go. Shew them out of there while saying “go and be free little concepts and images, go and do your thing elsewhere”. A stray cat has wandered into your house and with no good intentions, no intentions at all. Just get the broom out and sweep him away. Well there must be a purpose here worthy of me somewhere? Yes there is my lovely brother. And what is that. To do just that -be happy and be free. To fly with the birds of the air and the lilies of the field. Surely they do not ask for a purpose beyond that. Well do we have time for that? Oh yes my lovely child we do, for time is the great illusion. How can time come to circumvent eternity. It is merely a little dash mark in a great and shining circle. Take your oath now. Raise your right hand and swear:

I will be free and happy all the days of my life. I will not get caught up in the things of this world.

It is finished. Go now and be free free for the things of this world will no longer haunt your days. Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. For mind is all there is!

Entheogens ?

Current Human
Current Human

I had read and heard from dozens of speakers and writers about how research of the benefits of Psychedelics had been attempted in the 60’s and even recently with DMT The Spirit Molecule. I witnessed several documentaries about Ayahuasca and read accounts from Psychonauts such as Timothy Leary, Ram Dass and dozens of others on the web. Individuals were taking pilgrimage to the Amazon to heal mental and physical illnesses. There were books written and studies completed thoroughly and scientifically to the benefits. People had dedicated their lives to the legalization or at least freedom to use these alkaloids for spiritual healing. The medical field had grown to bloated heights and insurance reform was attempted. Indeed it is a monster on the same level as the Oil business. The fight to save the world’s energy resources vs profit for the very few was in full swing. I was witnessing Solar panels on the rooftops of houses and in fields across the country. The attempt to heal the body instead of the mind in the medical field regardless of what evidence existed to the contrary was still in full swing.  No, this is how we do it, this is what we know, was still the attitude of traditional medical healers. Along with the pharmaceutical company’s huge profits, the business world has no reason and no humanitarian interest whatsoever to approve or allow such things. Thirty-five thousand years ago there lived a tribes of we call primitives. Many of these ancient civilizations discovered that the use of an herb in the diet enhanced eyesight which was of ultimate importance. As he went to add this herb into the pot of stew the elders flogged him stating this is not the way it is. Many, many others who dared to defy the customary way or current system have been beheaded throughout history . This is how it is. If there is one thing man has learned from history, it is that man learns nothing from history. The past continues to repeat itself over and over. You, yes you can decide for yourself. Think for yourself, use your power of Socratic reasoning and it will be self evident. The mind is sick that thought the body could be sick would be a how some modern day spiritual teachings would put it ie. A Course in Miracles. Continually attempting to repair the body is only a temporary bandaid for a symptom. Patching up a symptom will not cure the issue but merely hide the real problem temporarily. All healing is of the mind. Just as alcoholism is merely a symptom of a greater issue. Sickness is a defense against the truth. What is that truth?

Based on Moustakas’s Heuristic research methodology seven categories are reported consistently among Psychedelic users.

Spiritual connection

Enhanced self-esteem

Emotional release

Sense of community

Physical healing

Environmental sensitivity


Mental clarity and solidarity, fellowship and love, unity and belonging. Sudden cures of dis-ease’s and physical ailments. In cases where the end of a patient’s life certain and entheogens are used the many patients have felt at ease, serene and accepting of the end. For eon’s these have been used. Ioboga in Africa, Ayahuasca in the Amazon, Mushrooms in Mexico and Peyote in Peru. Happiness is pursued by all but in recent times Enlightenment even though many cannot define it is of utmost importance. Many years of one’s life may be invested in spiritual practice and meditation and even then the experience of self realization may not come. Love seems to have been re-defined as a clinginess to another or the love of a possession. How many have actually had an experience of real Love? I’ve asked many people if they have ever felt real love that is not of this world.  I’ve witnessed the blank stares into space attempting to determine if it had happened, making the answer obvious. I think it takes a world of courage to be a who-man. Just look around, simple truths such as “one must love himself in order to love others and be loved in return”, are unknown by most. The lack of self -esteem in many of our brothers is incredible. Ask a sister about their spiritual practice and you’ll get the same blank look many times. Most people believe there is something wrong with their body’s and nearly all people do not have a sense of belonging. Most feel separate and all alone in this world. Even if they do have someone this relationship many times ends at some point and here I am all alone again. I say this is symbolic of our belief that we are separate from God. Separate from God, what does that mean. I remember going to church and Sunday School and learning that God was in Heaven with Jesus and we had to lift up our prayers and shout our songs of praise. It’s would be laughable but it’s a very hard thing to overcome if that is one’s training. If it is not overcome then one’s happiness is always going to be at the apparent judgement of this entity outside of him. There is a light in you that the world cannot perceive. I woke up last night in the middle of a dream. I was standing outside of myself and looking into my chest cavity which was open. A brilliant white/blue light emanated from inside. All of my organs were lit up and the esophagus was a tunnel for the light that went up into my throat and straight up thru the top of my head. I looked like an alien as surely I am. The point being that there is a divinity inside you and no, it is not a spark, it is massive and pure and limitless. But if you have not experienced it, can you or will you take the time to unwind yourself back to that which you truly are? To peel off all of the heavy blankets that blind you. Some would say “well if you don’t get it in this lifetime you always have the next few tries”. But we don’t know this do we. Now I am not a proponent of Ayahuasca however I have read many account of healing and insight.

In order to solve the significant problems we face today we cannot use the same thinking that created them.     

                                                                                     Albert Einstein